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Thank you for your interest in our software. Our all programs but File Audio Processor are for Windows OS, Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7 and 8. 32 and 64 bit systems supported.
File Audio Processor is for Windows XP and older systems only.

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All installers will install software and download and install required prerequisite system runtimes if necessary.

Sprintbit File Manager
Latest version: 4.4 Download File Manager now and try it for free.
Sprintbit Playlist Manager
Latest version: 8.0.2 Download Playlist Manager now and try it for free.
Sprintbit Media Player
Latest version: 2.4 Download Media Player now and try it for free.
Home Multimedia Library
Latest version: 2.1 Download Home Multimedia Library software now and try it for free.
File Audio Processor
Latest version: 4.0.40 Download File Audio Processor now and try it for free.
Visual Lottery Analyser
Latest version: 4.3 Download Visual Lottery Analyser now and try it for free.
Support Files & Other Downloads
Windows Media Runtime 9 Series, this runtime are already installed on Windows XP or on other later systems with Windows Media Player 9
or later. Size 3.89 MB. Required to play windows media files.  Required by File Audio Processor only to convert WMA files
Complete wheels system database for Visual Lottery Analyser. Contains over 2100 systems. Zipped size 42 MB.
After downloading unzip containing .sdf files into the following folder: Your Documents Directory\Sprintbit Software Databases\Visual Lottery Analyser\
Wheels system database is also available on Visual Lottery Analyser CD

If you have questions while you evaluate the software, please don not hesitate to contact our support staff at
File Audio Processor, Home Multimedia Library, Sprintbit Playlist Manager and Sprintbit Media Player  include Microsoft Windows Media technology.

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